Methodist Hymnal (1876)

1 HAIL! Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
One God, in Persons Three!
Of Thee we make our joyful boast,
Our songs we make of Thee.

2 Thou neither canst be felt nor seen;
Thou art a Spirit pure;
Thou from eternity hast been,
And always shalt endure.

3 Present alike in every place,
Thy Godhead we adore;
Beyond the bounds of time and space,
Thou dwell'st for evermore.

4 In wisdom infinite thou art,
Thine eye doth all things see;
And every thought of every heart
Is fully known to thee.

5 Whate'er thou wilt, in earth below
Thou dost, in heaven above:
But chiefly we rejoice to know
The almighty God of love.

6 Thou lov'st whate'er thy hands have made,
Thy goodness we rehearse,
In shining characters displayed
Throughout our universe.

7 Mercy, with love and endless grace,
O'er all thy works doth reign;
But mostly thou delight'st to bless
Thy favourite creature, man.

8 Wherefore, let every creature give
To thee the praise designed,
But, chiefly, Lord, the thanks receive,
The hearts of all mankind.

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