Methodist Hymnal (1876)

1 HAIL! Father, Son, and Spirit great,
Before the birth of time
Enthroned in everlasting state,

2 A mystical plurality
We in the Godhead own,
Adoring One in Persons Three,
And Three in nature One.

3 From thee our being we receive,
The creatures of thy grace;
And, raised out of the earth, we live
To sing our Maker's praise.

4 Thy powerful, wise, and loving mind
Did our creation plan;
And all the glorious Persons joined
To form thy favourite, man.

5 Again thou did'st, in council met,
Thy ruined work restore,
Established in our first estate,
To forfeit it no more.

6 And when we rise in love renewed,
Our souls resemble thee,
An image of the Triune God,
To all eternity.