Methodist Hymnal (1876)

1 HAIL, co-essential Three,
In mystic Unity!
Father, Son, and Spirit, hail!
God by heaven and earth adored,
God incomprehensible;
One supreme, almighty Lord.

2 Thou sittest on the throne,
Plurality in One:
Saints behold thine open face,
Bright, insufferably bright;
Angels tremble as they gaze,
Sink into a sea of light.

3 Ah! when shall we increase
Their heavenly ecstasies?
Chant, like them, the Lord most High,
Fall like them who dare not move;
"Holy, holy, holy," cry,
Breathe the praise of silent love?

4 Come, Father, in the Son
And in the Spirit down;
Glorious Triune Majesty,
God through endless ages blest,
Make us meet thy face to see,
Then receive us to thy breast.