Methodist Hymnal (1876)

1 HAIL, Father, whose creating call
Unnumbered worlds attend;
Jehovah, comprehending all,
Whom none can comprehend!

2 In light unsearchable enthroned,
Whom angels dimly see,
The fountain of the Godhead owned,
And foremost of the Three.

3 From thee, through an eternal now,
The Son, thine offspring, flowed;
An everlasting Father thou,
An everlasting God.

4 Nor quite displayed to worlds above,
Nor quite on earth concealed;
By wondrous, unexhausted love,
To mortal man revealed.

5 Supreme and all-sufficient God,
When nature shall expire,
And worlds created by thy nod
Shall perish by thy fire.

6 Thy name, Jehovah, be adored
By creatures without end,
Whom none but thy essential Word
And Spirit comprehend.