Psalms in Metre
1 In trouble and adversity
the Lord God hear thee still;
The Majesty of Jacob's God
defend thee from all ill;
2 And send thee from his holy place
his help at ev'ry need;
And so in Zion e'stablish thee,
and make thee strong indeed.
3 Rememb'ring well the sacrifice
that now in him is done;
And so receive most graciously
thy offerings each one.
4 According to thy heart's desire,
the Lord grant unto thee,
And all thy counsel and thy mind
full well perform may he.
5 We will rejoice when thou us sav'st,
and banners shall display
Unto the Lord, who thy requests
fulfilled hath always.
6 The Lord will his Anointed save,
I know well by his grace,
And send him help by his right hand
out of his holy place.
7 In chariots some put confidence,
and some in horses trust:
But we remember God our Lord,
who keepeth promise just.
8 They all fall down, but we do rise
and stand up steadfastly:
O save and help us, Lord and King,
when we to thee do cry.

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