Psalms in Metre
1 Help, Lord, for good and godly men
do perish and decay;
And faith and truth from worldly men,
is parted clean away.
2 Whoso doth with his neighbor talk,
'tis all but vainty;
For ev'ry man bethinketh how
to speak deceitfully.
3 But flatt'ring and deceitful lips,
and tongues that be so stout
To speak proud words, and make great brags,
the Lord will soon cut out:
4 For they say still, We will prevail,
our lips shall us extol;
Our tongues are ours, we ought to speak;
what lord shall us control?
5 But for the great complaint and cry
of those that are opp'resed,
I will arise now, saith the Lord,
and them restore to rest.
6 God's word is like to silver pure,
that from the dross is tried,
Which hath not less than seven times n
the fire been purified.
7 Now since thy promise is to help,
Lord, keep thy promise then,
And save us not and evermore
from this ill kind of men.
8 For now the wicked world if full
of mischiefs manifold,
Whilst vanity with worldly men
so highly is extolled.

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