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Website Crosses 5000 Page Milestone

Today, the site crosses the 5,000 page mark with the addition of the first few chapters of The Story of the Seer of Patmos. The book of Revelation pronounces a blessing upon everyone who “reads” or even “hears” it read. Yet, many treat it as a mysterious book that should not be read and cannot be understood. S. N. Haskell has opened the book of Revelation up in an easily read style that explains it and its relation to our day. This book, originally printed in 1905, makes an excellent study book for young and old.


Site Successfully Upgraded to Cloud Server

We have been finding that the site, with its 6,300 pages, is becoming too powerful and too big to stay on a shared host server. It was even too much for a regular VPS server. Therefore, on 18 January, the site completed its transition to a dedicated cloud server. All the audio and video files in the site were moved to This will allow us to add further capability to the site that we could not install previously. It will also allow users to have a faster audio and video file load. We will keep you posted on all the new capabilities that will be added to the site in the future.

Comments for All Registered Users

You will notice that all registered users are now able to add comments to the articles in the site. Therefore, if you have not registered yet, please feel free to join the 1,700 registered individuals. You can register by clicking on the registration link near the top of ever page on the site. Please note that you are expected to follow the comment guidelines found in the Legal Notices in the Site Docs section of the site.

Full Text (Old & New Testament) Added to Audio Bible!

Research has shown that the more interactive a reading session is, the more you will absorb from it. So, to enhance our Bible Reading Plan implementation, we have added full text to go along with every one of our Bible chapters in the Audio Bible section. Therefore, when you go to a chapter, it will read the chapter to you and give you the text for you to read along with the audio too. Thus, your Bible can become more effective. Therefore, over 1,200 text files have been added to the audio files. Check them out for yourself!

Site Upgrade Completed!

The version of the CMS software that the site used (Joomla 1.5) will be sunsetted very shortly. Therefore, we have upgraded the site to the latest version of Joomla. In addition to this, we implemented a number of new features to the site. So, here is the new site. We expect that testing of the site will continue on 1 April 2012. We will keep you posted on this important development. If you notice anything unusual with the site, please email Brother Nisbett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks!