Spiritual Gifts
This guide in discovering your spiritual gifts should not be viewed as a test. The only right answers here are honest answers. The answers you provide will help you find your areas of strength within the realm of Christian service.

Before You Start

Follow These Four Steps:

  • Step 1 - Print out the answer sheet from the next page. Go through the list of 125 statements on the questionnaire in part four. For each one, mark on the answer sheet to what extent the statement is true of your life: MUCH = 3, SOME = 2, LITTLE = 1, or NOT AT ALL = 0.

Warning! Do not score according to what you think should be true or hope might be true in the future. Be honest and score on the basis of past experience. If you are a young Christian or new in the faith, the results will need extra care in interpretation.

  • Step 2 - When you are finished, score the questionnaire according to the instructions on the scoring sheet.
  • Step 3 - Study the gift definitions and Scripture references.

  • Step 4 - Complete the exercises to gain a tentative evaluation of where your gifts may lie and to explore the implications for your ministry in the Body of Christ.

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