Searching the Scriptures

In Searching the Scriptures, Samuel Koranteng-Pipim has done what every Seventh-day Adventist ought to do. In dealing with a controversial topic he has first searched the Scriptures to see what the Bible might have to say, finding not only passages that deal explicitly with the topic but others that establish underlying principles. Far from being negative, he develops a strong case for a wide range of feminine ministries. Searching the Scriptures is invaluable for anyone desiring to speak with authority on the ordination of women. Oh, yes! Please don't neglect to read the Foreword and Preface! --C. Mervyn Maxwell, Professor Emeritus of Church History, Andrews University

Searching the Scriptures presents a thorough Bible examination of the God-appointed ministry of women. It maintains that women do have a place in all areas of ministry to work "as colleagues in partnership with ordained men at the various levels of the church organization; to teach in our institutions and seminaries, and above all, to minister to their children at home." I highly recommend this careful and balanced study to all who may be interested in the ordination of women.--Mercedes Dyer, Professor Emerita of Education, Andrews University

Searching the Scriptures clearly sets forth biblical evidence which should be taken into account when the issue of ordaining women as elders or pastors is considered. Whether or not a reader agrees with all of the author's interpretations or conclusions, several characteristics of this work make it helpful for focusing discussion and for challenging thinking. These include: its isolation of central questions, its consistent reasoning regarding these questions, and its careful search for authoritative principles through investigating a broad base of biblical data.--Roy Gane, Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Languages, Andrews University

This is a penetrating yet readable analysis of the biblical evidence that relates to whether women should be ordained. Searching the Scriptures moves the discussion from personal opinion or cultural bias to its biblical roots, presenting a clear defense of the 2000-year-old Christian consensus on the nature of the ministry. Every Adventist should read this balanced, fair, and perceptive study before coming to a conclusion about women's ordination. --George Reid, Director, Biblical Research Institute

Samuel Koranteng-Pipim a Ph.D. candidate in systematic theology at the Theological Seminary of Andrews University, was born and educated in Ghana, West Africa. He holds a degree in engineering from the University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana, where he later worked as a research and teaching assistant. After accepting the call to the gospel ministry, he served the central Ghana Conference as its Coordinator of Campus Ministries. While studying at Andrews University, he has been actively involved in the colporteur work and has also been instrumental in the establishment of churches in the U.S.A., Canada, and Europe. His articles have appeared in both scholarly and popular journals. He speaks and preaches extensively at camp meetings, churches, revival retreats, and schools.

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