Psalms in Metre

   1  Praise ye the Lord, for it is good
         unto our God to sing;
      For it is pleasant, and to praise
        it is a comely thing.
   2  The Lord his own Jerusalem
         he buildeth up alone,
      And the dispersed of Israel
         doth gather into one.
   3  He heals the broken in their heart,
         their sores up doth he bind;
      He counts the number of the stars,
         and names them in their kind.
   4  Great is the Lord, great is his pow'r
         his wisdom infinite;
      The Lord relieves the meek, and throws
         to ground the wicked wight.
   5  Sing unto God the Lord with praise,
         unto the Lord rejoice,
      And to our God upon the harp
         advance your singing voice.
   6  He covers heav'n with clouds, and for
         the earth prepareth rain,
      And on the mountains he doth make
         the grass to grow again.
   7  He gives to beasts their food, and to
         young ravens when they cry;
      His pleasure not in strength of horse,
         nor in man's legs doth lie.
   8  But in all those that do him fear
         the Lord hath his delight,
      And such as do attend upon
         his mercy's shining light.
 The Second Part
   9  O praise the Lord, Jerusalem,
         thy God, O Zion, praise;
    For he the bars hath forgèd strong
       wherewith thy gates he stays;
  10  Thy children in thee he hath blest,
         and in thy borders he
      Doth settle peace, and with the flour
         of wheat he filleth thee:
  11  And his command likewise upon
         the earth he sendeth out;
      Also his word with speedy course
         doth swiftly run about:
  12  He giveth snow like wool, and frost
         like ashes scatters wide;
      Like morsels casts his ice; the cold
         thereof who can abide?
  13  He sendeth forth his mighty word,
         and melteth them again;
      His wind he makes to blow, and then
         the waters flow amain.
  14  The doctrine of his holy word
         to Jacob he doth show,
      His statutes and his judgments he
         gives Israel to know.
  15  With any nation hath he not
         so dealt, nor have they known
      His secret judgments: ye therefore,
         praise ye the Lord alone.

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