Methodist Hymnal (1876)

1 MASTER, thy grace vouchsafe to me,
The loving firm fidelity,
That mindful of thy word
I may, with all my skill and might,
Perform my every work aright,
And please my heavenly Lord.

2 My heart, thy meanest house, I keep,
If thou whose eyelids never sleep
The watchful power bestow;
I mark the thoughts that thence proceed,
Not one shall pass into a deed
Before thy mind I know.

3 Cautious the door of sense I close,
And keep it shut against my foes,
Who press to enter in;
All commerce with the world preclude,
Nor let the tempting fiend intrude,
Or the besetting sin.

4 No unexamined thought or word
Shall pass, but such as serve my Lord,
And execute his will;
I only live to watch and pray,
And for thy second coming stay,
And all thy mind fulfil.

5 Happy, if, watching to the end,
I see thee gloriously descend,
The man thou dost approve;
Enter into my Master's joy,
And all eternity employ
In ecstasies of love.

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