Methodist Hymnal (1876)

1 JESUS, Lord, thy servants see,
Offering here obedience willing;
Lo, this infant comes to thee,
Thus thy blest command fulfilling;
'Tis for such, thyself declarest,
That the kingdom thou preparest.

2 Take the pledge we offer now,
To the font baptismal hastening;
Make him, Lord, thy child below,
Let him feel thy tender chastening,
That he here may love and fear thee,
And in heaven dwell ever near thee.

3 Prince of peace, thy peace bestow,
Shepherd, to thy sheep-fold take him,
Way of life, his pathway show,
Head, thy living member make him,
Vine, abundant fruit providing,
Keep this branch in thee abiding.

4 Lord of grace! to thee we cry,
Filled our hearts to overflowing;
Heavenward take the burdened sigh,
Blessings on the babe bestowing;
Write the name we now have given,
Write it in the book of heaven.

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