Methodist Hymnal (1876)
1 JESU, take my sins away,
And make me know thy name!
Thou art now, as yesterday
And evermore, the same;
Thou my true Bethesda be;
I know within thine arms is room,
All the world may unto thee,
Their House of Mercy, come.

2 Mercy then there is for me,
(Away my doubts and fears!)
Plagued with an infirmity
For many tedious years.
Jesu, cast a pitying eye!
Thou long hast known my desperate case;
Poor and helpless here I lie,
And wait the healing grace.

3 Long hath thy good Spirit strove
With my distempered soul,
But I still refused thy love,
And would not be made whole;
Hardly now at last I yield,
I yield with all my sins to part;
Let my soul be fully healed,
And throughly cleansed my heart.

4 Pain and sickness, at thy word,
And sin, and sorrow flies:
Speak to me, Almighty Lord,
And bid my spirit rise!
Bid me bear the hallowed cross,
Which thou, my Lord, hast borne before;
Walk in all thy righteous laws,
And go and sin no more.

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