Methodist Hymnal (1876)

1 I SEEM desirous to repent,
But cannot without thee
Soften this hard heart, or lament
My own obduracy;
Gladly I would thy word believe,
My dear Redeemer know,
But neither can rejoice, nor grieve,
Till thou the power bestow.

2 I would more sensibly distressed,
Throughout this evil day
Struggle to utter my request.
But cannot, cannot pray,
Until the Spirit from on high
His needful aid impart,
And raise a supplicating cry
Within my broken heart.

3 My want of thankfulness, and love,
And every grace, I own,
Nor will the mountains e'er remove
Till thou, my God, come down;
Till thou thine own desires fulfil,
Thyself to sinners join,
And kindly work in me to will
And do the will divine.

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