Methodist Hymnal (1876)

1 HIGH above every name,
Jesus, the great I AM!
Bows to Jesus every knee,
Things in heaven, and earth, and hell;
Saints adore him, demons flee,
Fiends, and men, and angels feel!

2 He left his throne above,
Emptied of all but love:
Whom the heavens cannot contain,
God, vouchsafed a worm to appear,
Lord of glory, Son of man,
Poor, and vile, and abject here.

3 His own on earth he sought,
His own received him not;
Him a sign by all blasphemed,
Outcast and despised of men,
Him they all a madman deemed,
Bold to scoff the Nazarene.

4 Hail, Galilean King!
Thy humble state I sing,
Never shall my triumphs end;
Hail, derided Majesty!
Jesus, hail! the sinner's friend,
Friend of publicans, - and me.

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