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By Don Burgess

ONE LOCAL man is reaching out to Christians across the globe through the World Wide Web. Michael John Nisbett, the son of Canon Thomas Nisbett, has a web site entitled "Christian Resource Centre."

The site encompasses his Seventh-day Adventists beliefs and has several sections including news, Bible studies, health hints, Christian reference books and on-line Bibles.

Mr. Nisbett started the site just over a year ago with a couple of items and has seen it grow to the point that he now E-mails out copies of his weekly devotion to more than 200 people.

The site's motto is: "If it is in the Bible, I'll accept it! If it is not in the Bible, I'll reject it!"

Mr. Nisbett, a nurse at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, said maintaining the web presence consumes quite a bit of his time each week.

He said the number of hours "varies because some stuff I just cut and paste off the CNN page or other news stuff, but the devotions I create myself which would take a few hours to do for each one. It probably takes 10 hours a week, if not more."

He said he never intended for it to take up that much time.

"It all started off by sending a friend a little Bible verse to encourage. It sort of went from sending it to that one to all four people in the office...and it started to grow more and more and now there's about 200 people I send the devotion out to."

Mr. Nisbett added he hopes his work encourages people in their Christian walk. He said there is so much bad information that is attributed to the Bible "so that's my goal is to spread the truth."

So what seems to be the most popular pages on his site?

"There are two main sections which seem to be the high-interest sections -- the devotions section as well as the Bible summaries. A lot of people are actually using them world-wide to do Bible studies at home or in small groups and they're also using the devotions as a very practical guide.

"One example is on what the Bible says on how to choose a wife or how to raise your kids. It's very practical stuff. There's a lot of information that I have studied personally and I've only been able to put a small amount on it so far. I want it to be practical for everyday Christian living.

"I try very hard to give people practical things as well as dispel things that people have said which are not Biblically correct," Mr. Nisbett said. "There are a couple of things that I have on Halloween which say it's from witchcraft and Christians shouldn't be dabbling in anything like Halloween."

You can find the web site at

Bermuda Sun, 09 January, 1998.

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