1 Samuel 3:8
the third: Job 33:14, Job 33:15, although Samuel did not apprehend the way in which God reveals himself to his servants the prophets - by the "still small voice" - yet when this direct communication from the Almighty was made the third time, in a way altogether new and strange to him, it seems astonishing that he did not immediately apprehend. Perhaps he would have been sooner aware of a divine revelation, had it come in a dream or a vision. Those who have the greatest knowledge of divine things, should remember the time when they were as babes, unskilful in the word of righteousness. 1Co 13:11, 1Co 13:12 Reciprocal: Gen 31:11 - Here am I Gen 37:13 - Here am I Exo 3:4 - Moses 1Sa 3:10 - as at other Act 9:10 - Behold