1 Samuel 3:10
the Lord came: This seems to imply a visible appearance, as well as an audible voice. as at other: 1Sa 3:4-6, 1Sa 3:8, Samuel did not now rise and run as before, when thought he Eli called, but lay still and listened. All must be silent, when God speaks. Observe, however, Samuel in his reply left out one word: he did not say, Speak, Lord, but only Speak, for thy servant heareth; perhaps, as Bp. Patrick suggests, out of uncertainty, whether it was God that spake to him or not. However, by this answer way was made for the message he was now to receive, and Samuel was brought acquainted with the words of God and visions of the Almighty. Reciprocal: Gen 22:11 - Abraham Gen 46:2 - Jacob Exo 3:4 - Moses Jos 5:14 - What saith Dan 10:19 - Let Joh 20:16 - Mary Act 10:4 - What Act 22:7 - Saul