Revelation 9:5
it was: Rev 13:5, Rev 13:7, Dan 5:18-22, Dan 7:6, Joh 19:11 they should not: That is, should not kill them as a political body, state, or empire; and accordingly, however they desolated the Greek and Latin churches, they could not extirpate them, nor gain possession of the empire. Rev 11:7, Job 2:6 they should be: Rev 9:10 five: Five prophetical months, each consisting of 30 days, and each day denoting a year, amount to 150 years; and accordingly, from the time that Mohammed began to propagate his imposture ad 612, the building of Bagdad, when they ceased from their ravages, ad 763, are just 150 years. and their: Rev 9:3 Reciprocal: 2Ch 10:11 - scorpions Zec 14:12 - Their flesh Rev 9:15 - an hour