Revelation 9:17
having: This appears to point out the scarlet, blue and yellow colours, for which the Turks have always been remarkable. The "four angels bound in the Euphrates" denote their four sultanies bordering on that river, where they were confined till after the period of the Crusades. The time for which they were prepared, "an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year," computing a year for each day, amounts to 391 years, 15 days; and from their first conquest over the Christians, ad 1281, to the taking of Cameniec from the Poles, ad 1672, which was the last conquest by which their dominion was extended, is exactly that period. Rev 9:9 jacinth: Rev 21:20 brimstone: Rev 9:18, Rev 14:10, Rev 19:20, Rev 21:8, Gen 19:24, Psa 11:6, Isa 30:33, Eze 33:22 as the: 1Ch 12:8, Isa 5:28, Isa 5:29 Reciprocal: Exo 28:4 - a breastplate Eze 28:14 - and I Eph 6:14 - the breastplate Rev 9:2 - there Rev 16:8 - and power