Joshua 24:1
Joshua: This must have been a different assembly from that mentioned in the preceding chapter, though probably held not long after the former. Shechem: As it is immediately added, that "they presented themselves before God," which is supposed to mean at the tabernacle; some are of opinion that Joshua caused it to be conveyed from Shiloh to Shechem on this occasion, to give the greater solemnity to his last meeting with the people. The Vatican and Alexandrian copies of the Septuagint, however, read Σηλω, both here and in Jos 24:25, which many suppose to have been the original reading. Dr. Shuckford supposes that the covenant was made at Shechem, and that the people went to Shiloh to confirm it. But the most probable opinion seems to be that of Dr. Kennicott, that when all the tribes were assembled as Shechem, Joshua called the chiefs to him on that mount, which had before been consecrated by the law, and by the altar which he had erected. Gen 12:6, Gen 33:18, Gen 33:19, Gen 35:4, Jdg 9:1-3, 1Ki 12:1 called: Jos 23:2, Exo 18:25, Exo 18:26 presented: 1Sa 10:19, Act 10:33 Reciprocal: Gen 48:21 - God Gen 49:24 - the shepherd Exo 5:6 - officers Num 13:8 - Oshea Deu 31:14 - presented Jos 8:33 - all Israel Jos 17:7 - Shechem 1Ki 8:1 - assembled 1Ch 23:2 - he gathered 1Ch 28:1 - assembled 2Ch 10:1 - Shechem Psa 60:6 - Shechem Psa 108:7 - Shechem