Joshua 10:12
Sun: Joshua doubtless acted, on this occasion, by an immediate impulse upon his mind from the Spirit of God. The terms here employed to record the miracle, agree with the accustomed manner in which the the motions of the earth and sun are described in our own day. The sun apparently moves, but really is stationary; while the diurnal movement of the earth on its axis is by us unnoticed, and would not have been known except by astronomical science. The sun appeared to the Israelites over Gibeon, and the moon over the valley of Ajalon, and there they stayed in their course for "a whole day." Many vain enquiries have been made concerning the way in which this miracle was wrought, and many difficulties and objections have been urged against understanding it literally. But the fact is authenticated by the Divine testimony; and the manner in which it was accomplished lies entirely out of our province, because beyond our comprehension. Jos 10:13, Deu 4:19, Deu 17:3, Job 9:7, Job 31:26, Job 31:27, Psa 19:4, Psa 74:16, Psa 148:3, Isa 28:21, Isa 38:8, Isa 60:20, Amo 8:9, Hab 3:11 stand thou: Heb. be silent, Hab 2:20,*marg. Zec 2:13 Ajalon: Jos 19:42, Jdg 12:12, Aijalon Reciprocal: Gen 1:16 - to rule Exo 34:10 - I will do marvels Jos 10:41 - Gibeon Jos 21:24 - Aijalon Jdg 1:35 - Aijalon 1Sa 12:17 - I will call 1Sa 14:31 - Aijalon 2Sa 2:12 - Gibeon 2Ki 20:11 - he brought 1Ch 6:69 - Aijalon 2Ch 13:16 - God delivered Psa 37:7 - Rest in Psa 119:91 - all are Isa 45:11 - command Luk 8:25 - being Jam 5:16 - The effectual