Philippians 4:22
the: Rom 16:16, 2Co 13:13, Heb 13:24, 1Pe 5:13, 3Jo 1:14 they: Phi 1:13 Caesar's: The cruel, worthless, and diabolical Nero was at this time emperor of Rome; but it is not improbable that the empress Poppaea was favourably inclined to Christianity, as Josephus relates that Θεοσεβης [Strong's G2318], γαρ [Strong's G1063], ην [Strong's G2258], "she was a worshipper of the true God." Jerome states (in Philemon) that St. Paul had converted many in Caesar's family; for "being by the emperor cast into prison, he became more known to his family, and turned the house of Christ's persecutor into a church." Reciprocal: Luk 2:1 - Caesar Luk 8:3 - Herod's Luk 20:24 - Caesar's Act 13:1 - Herod Act 17:34 - the Areopagite 1Co 1:26 - not many mighty 1Co 16:20 - the brethren 2Ti 4:21 - and all