Deuteronomy 8:4
Many have attempted to give the following meaning to this text - "God so amply provided for them all the necessaries of life, that they never were obliged to wear tattered garments, nor were their feet injured for lack of shoes or sandals." Now, though the Israelites doubtless brought out of Egypt more raiment than what they had upon them; and they might manufacture the fleeces of their flocks in the wilderness; and also might be favoured by Providence with other supplies from the neighbouring nations or travelling hordes of Arabs; yet, when we consider their immense numbers, their situation and long continuance in the wilderness, and the very strong expressions made use of in the text, why should we question the extraordinary and miraculous interposition of God in this respect, as well as in others, not less stupendous in their nature, or constant in their supply? Deu 29:5, Neh 9:21, Mat 26:25-30 Reciprocal: Jos 5:6 - walked Act 7:36 - and in the wilderness Phi 4:19 - supply 1Ti 6:8 - General Heb 3:9 - forty