Deuteronomy 27:2
on the day: Deu 6:1, Deu 9:1, Deu 11:31, Jos 1:11, Jos 4:1, 5-24 unto the: Deu 27:3, Deu 26:1 great stones: Eze 11:19, Eze 36:26 and plaster: Houbigant and others are of opinion that the original words, wesadta othom beseed, should be rendered "thou shalt cement them with cement," because this was intended to be a durable monument. Some suppose that the writing was to be in relievo, and that the spaces were to be filled up by the mortar or cement; as is frequently the case with eastern inscriptions. Reciprocal: Jos 8:32 - General Job 19:24 - graven