1 Corinthians 7:36
his virgin: Some interpret this of a man's continuing in a state of celibacy, and render παρθενος [Strong's G3933], not a virgin, but virginity; but such a construction of the original appears without example. It appears most obvious to explain it of a parent, or guardian, who had the charge of a virgin; and Kypke has shown that την παρθενον αυτου [Strong's G847] is an elegant phrase for his virgin daughter. the flower: 1Sa 2:33 and need: 1Co 7:9, 1Co 7:37 he sinneth: 1Co 7:28 Reciprocal: Gen 2:18 - good Rth 3:1 - shall I not Jer 29:6 - take wives 1Co 7:25 - concerning 1Co 7:35 - not 1Co 13:5 - behave 1Ti 4:3 - Forbidding