Acts 10:13
Rise: Act 10:10, Jer 35:2-5, Joh 4:31-34 kill: Or, sacrifice and eat, θυσον [Strong's G2378], και [Strong's G2532], φαγε [Strong's G5315]. The spirit of the heavenly direction seems to be this, say Dr. A. Clarke, "The middle wall of the partition is now pulled down; the Jews and Gentiles are called to become one flock, under one shepherd and bishop of souls. Thou, Peter, shalt open the door of faith to the Gentiles, and be also the minister of the circumcision. Rise up; already a blessed sacrifice is prepared: go and offer it to God; and let thy soul feed on the fruits of his mercy," etc. Reciprocal: Gen 46:2 - Jacob Exo 3:4 - Moses Psa 141:4 - and let me Dan 8:16 - I heard 1Ti 4:3 - which Heb 9:10 - in meats