John 5:4
whosoever: The sanative property of this pool has been supposed by some to have been communicated by the blood of the sacrifices, and others have referred it to the mineral properties of the waters. But: 1. The beasts for sacrifice were not washed here, but in a laver in the temple. 2. No natural property could cure all manner of diseases. 3. The cure only extended to the first who entered. 4. It took place only at one particular time. 5. As the healing was effected by immersion, it must have been instantaneous; and it was never failing in it effects. All which, not being observed in medicinal waters, determine the cures to have been miraculous, as expressly stated in the text. first: Psa 119:60, Pro 6:4, Pro 8:17, Ecc 9:10, Hos 13:13, Mat 6:33, Mat 11:12, Luk 13:24-28, Luk 16:16 was made: 2Ki 5:10-14, Eze 47:8, Zec 13:1, Zec 14:8, 1Co 6:11, 1Jo 1:7 Reciprocal: Joh 5:7 - before