John 4:6
Jacob's well: Over Jacob's well the empress Helena is said to have built a church, in the form of a cross, of which "nothing but a few foundations" remained in the time of Maundrell. He states that is situated about one-third of an hour, or, about a mile, east of Naplosa, the ancient Sychar; and Mr. Buckingham says it is called Beer Samareea, or the well of Samaria, and "stands at the commencement of the round vale which is thought to be the parcel of ground bought by Jacob, and which, like the narrow valley east of Nablous, is rich and fertile. The mouth of the well itself had an arched or vaulted building over it; and the only passage down to it at this moment is by a small hole in the roof." "It is," says Maundrell, "dug in the firm rock, and contains about three yards in diameter, and thirty-five in depth; five of which we found full of water." being: Mat 4:2, Mat 8:24, Heb 2:17, Heb 4:15 sat: Luk 2:7, Luk 9:58, 2Co 8:9 the sixth: Joh 11:9, Mat 27:45 Reciprocal: Gen 29:2 - a well Exo 2:15 - sat down 1Ki 13:14 - sitting 1Ki 19:4 - sat down Mat 20:5 - sixth Mar 4:38 - in the Mar 8:2 - and have Mar 11:12 - he was Luk 4:2 - he afterward 2Ti 4:2 - in