John 4:46
Cana: "It is worthy of remark," says Dr. E. D. Clarke, who visited Cana a few years ago, "that, walking among the ruins of a church, we saw large massy pots, answering the description given of the ancient vessels of the country; not preserved, but lying about, disregarded by the present inhabitants, as antiquities with whose original use they were unacquainted. From their appearance, and the number of them, it was quite evident that a practice of keeping water in large pots, each holding from eighteen to twenty-seven gallons, was once common in the country." - Compare the account of the water pots, Joh 2:6.Joh 2:1-11, Joh 21:2, Jos 19:28 nobleman: or, courtier, or, ruler whose: Psa 50:15, Psa 78:34, Hos 5:15, Mat 9:18, Mat 15:22, Mat 17:14, Mat 17:15, Luk 7:2, Luk 8:42 Reciprocal: Mat 4:13 - Capernaum Mat 11:23 - Capernaum Mar 5:23 - besought Luk 8:3 - Herod's Luk 8:41 - and besought Joh 2:9 - the water that Joh 2:11 - did Joh 4:43 - and Joh 6:17 - and went 1Co 1:26 - not many mighty