Luke 11:20
the finger: Exo 8:19, Mat 12:28 the kingdom: For the destruction of the kingdom of Satan plainly implies the setting up of the kingdom of God. The reasoning of the Pharisees - Luk 11:17, and Mat 12:24, Mat 12:25, was not expressed, and Jesus knowing their thoughts, gave ample proof of his omniscience. This, with our Lord's masterly confutation of their reasonings, by a conclusion drawn from their own premises, one would have supposed might have humbled and convinced those men; but the most conclusive reasoning, and the most astonishing miracles, were lost upon a people who were obstinately determined to disbelieve every thing that was good relative to Jesus of Nazareth. Luk 10:9, Luk 10:11, Dan 2:44, Act 20:25, Act 28:23-28, 2Th 1:5 Reciprocal: Exo 31:18 - the finger Deu 9:10 - written with Psa 8:3 - work Zec 13:2 - unclean Act 2:22 - which 1Co 1:22 - the Jews Phi 3:8 - doubtless Rev 20:2 - he laid