Numbers 6:7
unclean: Num 9:6, Lev 21:1, Lev 21:2, Lev 21:10-12, Eze 44:25 consecration: Heb. separation, This expression, "the consecration, or separation, of God is on his head," denotes his hair, which was the proof and emblem of his separation, and of his subjection to God through all the peculiarities of his Nazarate. St. Paul probably alludes to this circumstance in 1Co 11:10, by considering a married woman as a Nazarite for life, i.e., separated from all others, and united to her husband, to whom she is subject. Reciprocal: Lev 10:6 - Uncover Lev 21:11 - his father Mat 8:21 - suffer