Numbers 12:16
afterward: Num 11:35, Num 33:18 Hazeroth: The exact situation of this place is unknown. Dr. Shaw computes it to be three days' journey, i.e., thirty miles from Sinai. From this passage, it appears that the wilderness of Paran commenced immediately upon their leaving this station. Calmet observes, that there is a town called Hazor in Arabia Petrea, in all probability the same as Hazerim, the ancient habitation of the Hivites - Deu 2:23, and likewise, according to all appearances, the Hazeroth, where the Hebrews encamped. the wilderness: Num 10:12, Num 13:3, Num 13:26, Gen 21:21, 1Sa 25:1, Hab 3:3 Reciprocal: Gen 14:6 - Elparan Deu 1:1 - Paran