Leviticus 27:32
passeth under the rod: The Rabbins say, that when a man gave the tithe of his sheep or calves, he shut them in one fold, in which was a narrow door, to let out but one at a time. He then stood by the door, with a rod dipped in vermilion in his hand, and as they passed he counted them with the rod; and when the tenth came he touched it, by which it was distinguished as the tithe calf, sheep, etc. Jer 33:13, Eze 20:37, Mic 7:14 Reciprocal: Gen 47:24 - the fifth part Exo 4:2 - a rod Deu 12:6 - tithes Eze 48:14 - for Zec 11:7 - staves Heb 7:2 - a tenth