Leviticus 20:2
Whosoever: Lev 17:8, Lev 17:13, Lev 17:15 giveth: Lev 18:21, Deu 12:31, Deu 18:10, 2Ki 17:17, 2Ki 23:10, 2Ch 28:3, 2Ch 33:6, Psa 106:38, Isa 57:5, Isa 57:6, Jer 7:31, Jer 32:35, Eze 16:20, Eze 16:21, Eze 20:26, Eze 20:31, Eze 23:37, Eze 23:39, Act 7:43, Moloch. Molech: The Rabbins describe this idol as made of brass sitting upon a throne of the same metal, in the form of a man, with the head of a calf, adorned with a royal crown, and his arms extended as if to embrace any one. When they offered any children to him, they heated the statue by a great fire kindled within, and the victim was put into his arms, and thus consumed. Others relate, that the idol, which was hollow, was divided into seven compartments within; in one of which they put flour, in the second turtles, in the third a ewe, in the fourth a ram, in the fifth a calf, in the sixth an ox, and the seventh a child; which were all burnt together by heating the statue inside. The account which Diodorus - l. xx.gives of the statue of Saturn, to which the Carthaginians, descendants of the Canaanites, sacrificed their children, is very similar. For they had a brazen stature of Saturn, stretching out his hands towards the ground, in such a manner that the children placed within them tumbled down into a pit full of fire. To this account Milton alludes, in Paradise Lost, B. 1. 392. the people: Lev 20:27, Lev 24:14, Lev 24:23, Num 15:35, Num 15:36, Deu 13:10, Deu 13:11, Deu 17:5-7, Deu 21:21, Act 7:58, Act 7:59 Reciprocal: Jos 7:25 - all Israel 1Ki 11:5 - Milcom 2Ki 16:3 - made his son 2Ki 21:6 - he made Eze 14:7 - of the stranger Amo 5:26 - the tabernacle of your Moloch