Leviticus 20:16
And if a woman: We are assured by Herodotus - in Euterp that the abominations here referred to existed among the Egyptians, and even formed part of their superstitious religious system, and we have reason to believe that they were not uncommon among the Canaanites. - See note on Lev 18:24, Lev 18:25. Need we wonder then, that God should have made laws of this nature, and appointed the punishment of death for these crimes? This one observation will account for many of those strange prohibitions which we find in the Mosaic law. and the beast: Exo 19:13, Exo 21:28, Exo 21:32, Heb 12:20 Reciprocal: Exo 22:19 - General Lev 17:4 - be cut off Lev 18:23 - any beast Lev 20:9 - his blood Lev 24:15 - bear his sin 2Sa 1:16 - Thy blood