Leviticus 10:9
Do not: Num 6:3, Num 6:20, Pro 31:4, Pro 31:5, Isa 28:7, Jer 35:5, Jer 35:6, Eze 44:21, Luk 1:15, Eph 5:18, 1Ti 3:3, 1Ti 3:8, 1Ti 5:23, Tit 1:7 strong drink: The Hebrew shecher, Arabic sakar, or sukr, Greek σικερα, from shachar, to inebriate, signifies any kind of fermented and inebriating liquor beside wine. So St. Jerome informs us, that sicera in Hebrew denotes any inebriating liquor, whether made of corn, the juice of apples, honey, dates, or any other fruit. These different kinds of liquors are described by Pliny, who calls then vina factitia. One of the four prohibited drinks among the Mohammedans in India is called sakar, which denotes inebriating liquor in general, but especially date wine. it shall be: Lev 3:17 Reciprocal: Gen 40:11 - pressed Luk 21:34 - your hearts