Daniel 6:14
was sore: The king now clearly perceived for what purpose the decree had been solicited; and was exceedingly displeased with himself that he had suffered himself to be so deluded. Dan 3:13, Mat 27:17-24, Mar 6:26, Luk 23:13-21, Joh 19:7-12 and he: He strove during the whole day, by every means, to evade or annul the edict; but the foolish constitution of his government - exactly the reverse of the happy rule for the conduct of our gracious monarchdid not allow them to pardon any person who had broken one of their decrees, however arbitrary and unreasonable. 2Sa 3:28, 2Sa 3:29 Reciprocal: 2Ch 11:16 - set Est 2:1 - he remembered Pro 18:13 - that Dan 6:23 - was Hag 1:5 - Consider your ways Mat 14:9 - sorry Mat 19:22 - he went 2Co 7:11 - indignation