Daniel 5:13
Art thou: Though Daniel was one of the chief ministers of state, who did "the king's business" in the palace - Dan 8:27, yet Belshazzar seems to have known nothing of him. This shews that he was a weak and vicious prince, who minded pleasure more than business, according to the character given him by historians. He appears to have left the care of public affairs to his mother, Nitocris, a lady celebrated for her wisdom, who evidently knew Daniel well, and probably constantly employed him in the government of the kingdom. Dan 5:11, Dan 1:21, Dan 2:48, Dan 8:1, Dan 8:27 the children: Dan 2:25, Dan 6:13, Ezr 4:1, Ezr 6:16, Ezr 6:19, Ezr 6:20, Ezr 10:7, Ezr 10:16 father: or, grandfather, Dan 5:2, Dan 5:11, Dan 5:18 Jewry: Joh 7:1, Joh 7:3, Judea