Daniel 4:16
Let his: Here a transition is made from the tree to Nebuchadnezzar, whom it represented; the tree being lost sight of, a person came in its stead. This person having lost the heart, or disposition of a man, and conceiving himself a beast, should act as such, and herd among them. be changed: Dan 4:32, Dan 4:33, Isa 6:10, Heb 1:11, Mar 5:4, Mar 5:5, Luk 8:27-29 seven times: That is, seven years, a time in the prophetic language denoting a year. Dan 4:23, Dan 4:25, Dan 4:31, Dan 7:25, Dan 11:13, Dan 12:7, Rev 12:14 Reciprocal: Job 12:24 - He taketh Dan 4:34 - at the end Dan 4:36 - mine