Daniel 3:3
the princes: Achashdarpenaya rendered lieutenants in Est 3:12, etc., probably chief satraps or viceroys from the Persian achash great, eminent, and sitrab, a satrap. Psa 82:1-8; Act 19:34-35; Rom 1:21-28, Rom 3:11; 1Co 1:24-26; Rev 13:13-16; Rev 17:13, Rev 17:17 the governors: Signaya, in Persian shagnah deputies or lieutenants. captains: Pacawatha, governors of provinces. See note on Est 3:13. the judges: Adargazraya, chief judges, or senators, from adar, great, and Chal. gezar, to judge, decree. the treasurers: Gedavraya, written gizzavraya Ezr 7:21, treasurers, from the Persian gunjvar. the counsellors: Dethavraya counsellors, judges, from dath, in Persian dad, law, and var, possessor or guardian. the sheriffs: Tiphtaya probably the same as the Arabic Mufti or head officer of law. Reciprocal: Est 1:3 - the nobles Jer 51:44 - the nations Dan 3:24 - counsellors Dan 3:27 - the princes