Ezekiel 9:2
six: Jer 1:15, Jer 5:15-17, Jer 8:16, Jer 8:17, Jer 25:9 the higher: 2Ki 15:35, 2Ch 27:3, Jer 26:10 lieth: Heb. is turned slaughter weapon: Heb. weapon of his breaking in pieces and one: Eze 10:2, Eze 10:6, Eze 10:7, Lev 16:4, Rev 15:6 inkhorn: Keseth (in Chaldee, kista Syriac, kesto Ethiopic, kasut) denotes a bottle, or vessel to hold any fluid; and being here united to sophair a writer, is not improperly rendered as an ink-horn, so one of the editions of Aquila, μελανδοχειον, and Vulgate, atramentarium. Dr. Shaw informs us, that among the Moors, "the Hojas i.e., writers or secretaries, suspend their ink-horns in their girdles." by his side: Heb. upon his loins beside: Exo 27:1-7, Exo 40:29, 2Ch 4:1 Reciprocal: Dan 10:5 - clothed Dan 12:6 - man Amo 9:1 - upon