Ezekiel 39:9
shall go: Psa 111:2, Psa 111:3, Isa 66:24, Mal 1:5 and shall: Eze 39:10, Jos 11:6, Psa 46:9, Zec 9:10 set on fire: The language here employed seems to intimate that the army of Gog will be cut off by miracle, as that of Sennacherib; for the people are described as going forth, not to fight and conquer, but merely to gather the spoil, and to destroy the weapons of war, as no longer of use., hand staves, or, javelins and they: When the immense number and destruction of the invaders are considered, and also the little fuel comparatively which is necessary in warm climates, we may easily conceive of this being literally fulfilled. burn them with fire: or, make a fire of them Reciprocal: Jos 11:9 - General 2Sa 1:27 - weapons 2Sa 22:35 - a bow 2Ch 20:25 - it was so much Psa 76:3 - There Jer 51:56 - every Hos 2:18 - I will break Zec 14:14 - and the