Ezekiel 39:2
I will: It is probable that none of the invaders will escape, but perhaps the inhabitants of Magog in general are meant. The immense army of Gog, led forth against Israel, will almost empty his land; and the subsequent judgments of God upon those that remain at home, will reduce them to a sixth of the whole. Psa 40:14, Psa 68:2, Isa 37:29 leave but the sixth part of thee: or, strike thee with six plagues; or, draw thee back with a hook of six teeth, as Eze 38:4. and will cause. Eze 38:15, Dan 11:40 north parts: Heb. sides of the north Reciprocal: 1Ch 5:4 - General Isa 66:16 - General Eze 32:30 - the princes Eze 38:3 - I am Dan 11:45 - he shall come