Ezekiel 36:20
they profaned: The Jews, when thus scattered, appeared to them an abject and wretched company of people. They were recognized as the worshippers of Jehovah wherever they went; but they were looked upon as a viler and more worthless race than any of the idolaters among whom they were driven. Many would ascribe their wickedness to the tendency of their religion, which they abhorred, and not to their having acted inconsistently with it; and regard their miseries, not as the punishment of their sins, but as proofs of God's inability to protect them. This profanation of his holy name, Jehovah was determined to wipe away, by shewing mercy unto them. Isa 52:5, Rom 2:24 These: Exo 32:11-13, Num 14:15, Num 14:16, Jos 7:9, 2Ki 18:30, 2Ki 18:35, 2Ki 19:10-12, Jer 33:24, Dan 3:15 Reciprocal: Lev 18:21 - profane Lev 19:12 - profane Deu 28:46 - a sign 2Sa 12:14 - by this deed Neh 5:9 - reproach Jer 30:17 - they Eze 22:26 - I am profaned Eze 39:7 - and I will Hos 7:16 - this Amo 2:7 - to profane 1Ti 6:1 - that the