Ezekiel 25:16
I will stretch: These predictions against the Philistines, Edomites, and others, seem to have been fulfilled by by Nebuchadnezzar during the siege of Tyre. Berosus states that he subdued Syria, Arabia, Phoenicia, and Egypt; and now their very names have no existence, except in history. Eze 25:7, Eze 25:13 Cherethims: 1Sa 30:14, 2Sa 15:18, Zep 2:4, Zep 2:5-15, Cherethites and destroy: Jer 47:4 sea coast: or, haven of the sea Reciprocal: 2Sa 8:18 - the Cherethites Jer 47:5 - the remnant Jer 47:7 - the sea Amo 1:6 - Gaza Amo 1:8 - I will cut Oba 1:19 - the plain