Jeremiah 25:31
A noise: The dreadful devastations made by the Chaldeans through all the nations of the East, and afterwards the destruction of Babylon by the Medes and Persians, are here primarily foretold in this awful language; but it also accords very much with the passages in which the ruin of all the anti- christian powers is evidently predicted. Jer 45:5, Isa 34:8, Hos 4:1, Hos 12:2, Mic 6:2 plead: Isa 66:16, Eze 20:35, Eze 20:36, Eze 38:22, Joe 3:2 Reciprocal: Isa 29:7 - the multitude Jer 1:15 - I will call Eze 33:2 - When I bring the sword upon a land Joe 3:16 - roar