Jeremiah 25:1
am 3398, bc 606 in the: Jer 36:1, Jer 46:2, 2Ki 24:1, 2Ki 24:2, Dan 1:1 the first: Nebuchadnezzar was associated with his father Nabopollasar two years before the death of the latter; and from this time the Jewish computation of Nebuchadnezzar's reign begins; that is, from the end of the third year of Jehoiakim; and therefore, according to them, the fourth year of Jehoiakim was the first year of Nebuchadnezzar. But the Babylonians date the commencement of his reign two years later, that is, on the death of his father; which computation is followed by Daniel, who wrote in Chaldee. Reciprocal: 2Ki 24:12 - eighth year Jer 1:3 - It came also Jer 26:1 - General Jer 32:1 - the eighteenth Jer 35:1 - in the Jer 45:1 - in the Dan 2:1 - the second