Psalm 18:9
He bowed: Jehovah is here represented as a mighty warrior going forth to fight the battles of David. When He descended to the engagement, the very heavens bowed to render his descent more awful: His military tent was substantial darkness; the voice of His thunder was the warlike alarm which sounded to battle; the chariot in which He rode was the thick clouds of heaven, conducted by cherubs, and carried on by the irresistible force and rapid wings of an impetuous tempest; and the darts and weapons He employed were thunder-bolts, lightnings, fiery hail, deluging rains, and stormy winds! No wonder that when God arose all His enemies were scattered, and those that hated Him fled before Him. Psa 68:4, Psa 144:5-15, Deu 33:26, 2Sa 22:10, Isa 51:6, Joe 3:16, Mat 24:29, Heb 12:26, 2Pe 3:10, Rev 20:11 darkness: Deu 5:22, Deu 5:23, Mar 15:33, Joh 13:7 Reciprocal: Exo 3:8 - I am Exo 19:11 - the Lord Exo 20:21 - thick Luk 9:34 - there