Psalm 136:9
The moon and stars: The sun is the monarch of day, the state of light; the moon of the night, the state of darkness. The rays of the sun falling on the atmosphere, are refracted and diffused over the whole of the hemisphere of the earth immediately under his orb; while those rays of that vast luminary which, because of the earth's smallness in comparison with the sun, are diffused on all sides beyond the earth, falling on the opaque disc of the moon, are reflected back on the lower hemisphere, or the part of the earth opposite the sun. But the reflected light being 50,000 times less in intensity than that of the sun, there is a sufficient distinction between day and night, though each is ruled and determined by one of these two great lights. Psa 8:3, Psa 89:36, Psa 89:37, Job 31:26 Reciprocal: Gen 1:16 - to rule Psa 19:2 - night unto Act 7:36 - after